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Thread: 67th Maint Bn (DS) 66-68 -Mark J. Hillman

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    Nataliek19 Guest

    67th Maint Bn (DS) 66-68 -Mark J. Hillman

    I am trying to find any information on my father, Mark Jeffrey Hillman from Brimfield, Ohio. He was in the 67th Maintenance BN 3D in Vietnam. His MOS was 64B20. Unfortunately, he passed away 20 years ago when I was 17. He never talked much about Vietnam and only told me that he "peeled potatoes" when I would ask. I do remember he loved to watch the vietnam movies though. We watched Heartbreak Ridge a million times.

    The only thing I remember from him is he talked about agent orange and taught me "Anh yeu em yeu lum" and "laidai" (forgive my phonetic spelling) which he told me meant i love you too much and come here, respectively...He also told me that he slept through a bombing.

    If anyone remembers him or can lead me in the correct direction, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you all for your service!
    God Bless,
    Natalie Hillman DiVito

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    Natalie I was a British serviceman so cannot really help you in your quest for information.
    I can say though that quite a few US serviceman who served in Vietnam pass through here who may be able to help you.

    Bombardier - Site Admin

  3. Natalie
    I have someone looking into this to get you some info. He has many resourses at his desposal. It may take him a few days but I will post if he finds anything

    Currahee ... Stands Alone

  4. Natalie, Ma'am!

    I am, as of a few days now, "looking in to" the matter. There is however a detail I need to correct, and which Does have a baring on chanses of success in the search:

    The unit your father served in, the "67th", was most likely a "Company", and not a "Battalion". In other words, he was within the "67th Maintenence Company", which was attached as a seperate company to specifically the 101st Abn Div. The company's period in Viet Nam, was from December 12 1967 to January 6 1972. (Administratively however, the companys "parental unit" in Viet Nam, was another unit. But I will explain that later on...).

    The fact that your fathers unit in reality was a more or less "independent" unit within a Division, and thereby also "size-wise" as small as a single company, unfortunatly somewhat decreaces the chanses of locating anyone "online", whom served in the 67th Main Co. This, since "seperate companys" tends to not create a "unit-website" of their own, and instead seemingly rely on association-websites of the Division it was attached to. I have however managed to locate a few "posts" by men whom served with the 67th Main Co. That however being on other internet-resources. I am however not clear on wether they actually knew specifically your father or not....

    Info (not much, but...) I gathered so far, I however do whish to arrange in a "presentable order" first, before sharing it with you. As of yet, it all is in a bit of a "haywire" in a text-document on my computer. I also whish to check a little more, to see if I can not find more than I have so far.

    Just wanted to let you know, that "I am on it" so to say. Will contact you again, at later date.


  5. Natalie,
    When you wrote this "67th Maintenance BN 3D" what does the 3D stand for/mean?
    Currahee ... Stands Alone

  6. A.B,

    Yea I know that this will be hard to pin down. I'm not sure that it was the 67th maint. company though, but you know best.
    Currahee ... Stands Alone

  7. Natalie, Ma'am!
    Firstly, I do wish to apologize for time past, since initial contact. Certain matters and circomstances have kept me unable to relay the below information to you, earlier than today. Unfortunatly, some of those circomstances are due to my own fault, by just being laps-minded regarding making copys or not to portable/external harddisks....

    I was unfortunatly not able to find much I am affraid. But what little I have found, is as below.

    __________________________________________________ __
    __________________________________________________ __

    Initial explanation needed, before continuing to actual searchresults....

    The 67th Maintenence Company, was in a strictly administrative way, a part of the:

    26th GS Group. ("26th General Support Group").

    Which in turn was a part of:

    1st Log CMD. ("1st Logistic Command").

    In a strictly physical way, the 67th Maintenence Company was attached to the 101st Abn Div. This may perhaps seem as a rather confusing and uneccessary way of doing things. But that is never the less how it was and is, and how things where and are done, in many military branches.

    __________________________________________________ __

    (By internet-history of website: "military-network". That meaning, the website itself is no longer operational)

    26th Gen Support Grp (1st Log Cmd)
    Mr. Ray J Connolly 970-330-2348
    2022 26th Avenue Ct
    Greeley CO 80631-6617
    E-Mail 11-3-98

    Allthough above listing is more than just "a little old", since being noted as of 1998, a further person-search may hopefully yield addition and more current/valid contact-info, for mr Connolly. However, after having done a brief such, it actually seems as the contact-info (telephonenumber) still is valid, for mr Connolly! He evidently still today has the same telephonenumber, as he had in 1998!
    __________________________________________________ __

    (At website "vetfriends")

    67th Maint. Co.

    26th GSG by "vetfriends":
    __________________________________________________ __

    (At website "vietvet")

    67th Maint. Co.
    In above link, search for "67th Maint" (without quotationmarks).

    (Tip by A.B:
    When result displays, to more easily find entrys of interrest, do as this: click on "-" and do a text-search on page by entering "67th Maint" (without quotationmarks). This way, entrys for unit of interrest will be more easily located on the resultpage, rather than to have to scroll and read on the page, until "eyes bleed"!
    End tip by A.B).

    When searching in above, I (A.B) found 3 entrys. They read as follows:

    Unit was: 67th Maintainence Co. I corp.
    Where served: Foo Bai
    When served: 1967-68
    Message is: Been looking for you for 32 years, please contact me am anxious to update our lives.
    Please contact: Paul Green
    Mailing address: 1834 Monroe
    City, State, Zip: Tilton, Il. 61833
    Or send email to Paul Green using this automatic email form.

    (Note by A.B
    E-add is: mr greenbean44
    End note by A.B).

    Trying to locate: Jerry Spence
    Branch of Service: Army
    Unit was: 67th Maintaince Co
    Where served: Camp Eagle
    When served: 1969-1970
    Message is: Would like to get in touch.
    Please contact: Greasy
    Mailing address:
    City, State, Zip:
    Or send email to Greasy using this automatic email form.
    Posted: 10/27/1996

    (Note by A.B
    E-add is:
    End note by A.B).

    (Douplicate post-entry of above, by "Greasy", made the day after above entry).

    (Note by A.B
    E-add is:
    End note by A.B).


    1st Log Command (At website "vietvet")

    Post within:
    Branch of Service: Army
    Unit holding reunion is: 1st Logistics Command
    Reunion will be held in: TBA
    Reunion dates are: TBA
    Point of contact: Rich Casteel
    Mailing address: 14032 S. 284 E. Avenue
    City, State, Zip: Coweta, OK 74429
    Or send email to Rich Casteel using this automatic email form"
    Point of contact's organization was:
    Point of contact's relationship in the organization is:
    Additional Information: We are looking for anyone who served with the 1st Log Command in Vietnam, any time, for a reunion. You may contact Rich Casteel by phone at (918) 486-3758 OR you may contact SGT A.C. Dunn, Rt. 2, Box 14, Tahlequah, OK, (918)456-1902.

    (Note by A.B
    The "automatic email form" was not filled in by mr Casteel. Clicking on it, yelded only an empty e-addressfield!
    End note by A.B).

    __________________________________________________ __

    (At website "gisearch")

    67th Maint. Co.
    __________________________________________________ __

    (A page at the photowebsite "flickr")

    1968-Veteran of 67th Maint Co, personal photowebsite:
    (Check upper part of page, where one can send "flickrmail" to pageowner, by clicking on "envelope"-icon).

    __________________________________________________ __

    (At website "cyhaus")

    67th Maint. Co.
    Name: Robert "Dale" Wondercheck
    Date: 20 Jun 2003
    I am trying to help my husband, Robert "Dale" Wondercheck - possibly known as
    "Lil Buddy" or "Tiny" - He was in Vietnam August 1970 thru February 1971. He
    was with the 67th maintenance, and stationed at Camp Eagle, attached to the
    101st. Very soon after his arrival in Nam, he became a Company Officer jeep
    driver. He traveled with ammo convoys, and one particular event seems to be the
    root of his PTSD problem. He remembers mortar fire on the convoy going around a
    corner in front of him (some place in Laos), he remembers a flash, and the rest
    has found a buried place in his mind. He does remember driving back without the
    convoy or any other escorts by taking a short cut through rice patties in North
    Vietnam, trying to get back to Camp Eagle. If anyone remembers this event or
    remembers him, please e-mail me so I can print notes off for him. He will be
    going into a PTSD program in the near future trying to find himself during that
    6 month period in Vietnam. Any and All h!
    elp or contact will be appreciated!

    __________________________________________________ __

    (At website "vva")

    67th Maint. Co.
    Searching for anyone who served with the 67th Maintenance Co., Phu Loi, Long Binh,
    and Camp Eagle, 1968-69. Contact: Pat O’Brien, 5533 W. Agatite, Chicago, IL 60630;
    847-409-4676; Carter (Butch) Brooks, 970-330-1066;, or Dan Yatsko,

    __________________________________________________ _________

    (At website "military")

    26th GSG (26th General Support Group)
    26th GSG by -26th GSG + 26th GSG in RVN ( RVN = Republic of Viet Nam)

    __________________________________________________ _________

    1st Logistic Command

    1st Logistic Command websitepage, within the ATAV-assn website:

    __________________________________________________ _________
    __________________________________________________ _________
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