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Thread: Our New Military Figures Site

  1. Our New Military Figures Site

    Our New Military Figures Site

    Dear friends!

    A few days ago we launched a new site with many photos of the figures painted by ourselves and the photos we took in museums in Poland (Warsaw, Krakow, Malbork). The site has two versions: English and Russian.

    We hope you'll like it. If you are interested, you are welcome:

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  3. Hello friends,

    We have posted two new pages on our site:
    1. Officer of the Legio II Adiutrix
    2. Officer of Fusiliers Chasseurs of the Middle Guard

    We hope you'll like these photos.

    Also we would like to invite you to visit a site of our friend Jerzy Urbanowicz from Poland:

    He has a very intesting collection of his miniatures:

    Though this site is in Polish, I dont't think it will be a problem, the works are very good

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    Your model figures look great, I can see that you have out a lot of effort into them


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