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Thread: 12th Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment - Bristol's Own

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    12th Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment - Bristol's Own

    War was declared by Britain on Germany at midnight August 4th 1914. What transpired after that momentous event changed the world. Gone was the optimistic innocence that was the Victorian and Edwardian times. What was to follow changed the way of British life from which it has never fully recovered.

    Soon patriotic fervor took over and with Lord Horatio Kitchener as Minister of State for War recruiting began in earnest. New Armies or Kitchener Armies were formed and Infantry Service battalions were being formed throughout Britain.

    Bristol’s answer was what became the 12th (Service) Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment – better known locally as ‘Bristol’s Own’. It was formed and trained in Bristol until June 1915 when it moved to Yorkshire then Salisbury Plain before landing in France on November 21st 1915.

    Between then and October 1918 when it was unceremoniously disbanded it fought in all the major battles in France and Flanders and also served in Italy in late 1917 and early 1918. It gained 22 Battle honours and lost one third of it’s original men.

    Now the story is told. Over 300 illustrated pages tell the story from the men’s point of view, in their words. This book fills a gap in the history of a famous English Regiment and provides a valued reference to historians as well as the descendants of the men that served and also to people interested in this part of our social history
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  2. The members of this would have had no objections to you advertising your book on the site. However, it would have been common courtesy to have joined the site first and then asked permission from Bombardier, who owns the site.

    Has you have not follow the rules of social etiquette before attempting to sell your book on the site, then I for one, as a fellow author, will not be purchasing your book. It would appear that you have come on site only to sell your book.

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    I'm an ex medic. Now retired but still workin as I publish a magazine of poetry and short stories.

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