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  1. Far and Away

    That's how I describe myself, on this site now.
    I read but I don't post much anymore.
    I'm right here yet so far away.
    As I've said before, hate the war, not the warrior. My words and deeds may be the most accurate description of me. I do hope I still have a platform on this site as I still have many memories that need to be shared aloud. What a profound statement from someone of such limited vocabulary as me.
    Those names on the Wall, they deserve sympathy and compassion. ...

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  2. My Thanks to Bombardier

    Our administrator and moderator and someone I consider my mentor and friend, Bombardier continues to share his vast knowledge with me and by doing so has given me sufficient incentive to attempt this blog. The depths of my ignorance are mighty but with his guidance and assistance I will hopefully persevere on here and maybe create a blog that reflects not only who I am but what I am, a product of post-war America, circa 1949, a generation that in my opinion continued to carry the burden of fighting ...

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