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  1. Hotel Attack Survival Tips

    Ten things you need to know if your hotel is attacked by terrorists, this article could save your life. The assault on the Imperial Marhaba hotel in Tunisia, shows how vulnerable we all are against organised attacks by determined terrorists desperate to exploit violence to further their extremist agendas. The following are ten things you need to know to protect yourself and your loved ones against people who wish you harm.
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  2. Hostile Enviroment Awareness Training (HEAT): # 2 Risk Assessment

    A HEAT Risk Assessment (RA) is essential for working in hostile enviroments and is a potent tool for ensuring your safety,

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  3. Hostile Enviromet Awarness Training (HEAT): An Introduction

    I’m going to give you a unique insight into the steps that security professional’s use when working in hostile areas like Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and Africa to keep themselves out of harms way. The set of free presentations starting with Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT): An Introduction, will be available for download in a presentational format on my website. They will give you a unique insight into the battle-tested procedures that are used on a daily basis in high-risk areas to ...
  4. Charleston: Hate Crime or Domestic Terrorism?

    Charleston: hate crime or domestic terrorism? This is the question being asked after the slaughter of nine church goers in one of Americas oldest cities. But the massacre has been overshadowed by another gruesome shooting in Sousse, Tunisia, with a second lone gunman taking 38 lives, the similarities between the two attacks striking. The latter was reported immediately by the world press as terrorism, but there seems to be confusion in the US about labelling the South Carolina shooting.
  5. 13 Months In Helmand

    Afghanistan, ‘The Grave Yard of Empires’, – as it has become known – consists of 34 provinces, the most infamous of which – its name now synonymous with death and destruction – being Helmand. The following is a short account of my involvement there during 2010 – 2011, and is written in respect and admiration for the Marines I worked alongside with, and for those that didn’t make it back from those long, hard, 13 months in Helmand, Afghanistan.

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