About MilitaryImages.Net

MilitaryImages.Net is designed to assist its viewers to upload their own Military images to the World Wide Web for everyone to see.

The webmaster is a retired British soldier of 12 years service, he set up this website after suddenly thinking "what happens to all the fantastic Military Images taken over the years" he felt the probable answer is that they would be sat in shoe boxes or bags in attics and cellars around the world.This shocked him and thus the idea of MilitaryImages.Net was born.

Phase one was the setting up of a simple html website, with the added function of a simple image upload page.after only 10 weeks it was clear that there was a need for a site such as this, however it was obvious it needed more dynamic features and so he went to work on a site with more user interaction and easier administration.The site you see now is the result of months of work and a considerable amount of financial outlay.

I think you will find this site very functional and interactive, by the use of php coding this site allows the viewer to assist in the development of a fantastic Military community.

In time this site will have a wealth of images which will keep any military enthuisiast amused for hours.

MilitaryImages.Net activeley encourage viewers from all over the world to upload images to our database, if a category is not available please suggest one.Lets get to work saving those wonderful images for the world to see.

MilitaryImages.Net Explanation of our motives and Political views

I would like to take this opportunity to explain to all our viewers that MilitaryImages.Net do not publish this site to promote any political or racial views. The sole purpose of this site is to display images that relate soley to legitimate Armed forces and not paramilitary groups.

We will not post any image or article that is abusive, Racist or obviously insulting to any person,country,race or organisation. The images shown will depict only equipment people and places that are real, and as such of historical or educational interest to our viewers.

We will accept any image or article from what we consider to be a legitimate Military Armed Force, and also any other legitimate image that may not be directly linked to an Armed Force but is related to the Military in some way never the less.

Please respect our wishes when submitting images or articles, any abuse of this service in relation to the above information will result in the registered user being removed including all images and information submitted by them..

Thank you for your co-operation. The Webmaster.

Before any image was placed in this collection, care was taken to determine whether the image was subject to any copyright claims. To the best of our knowledge, the graphics displayed here are in the public domain,owned by the person uploading them or permission has been granted for them to be used by the person uploading them. If you believe that an image in this collection is subject to copyright protection, please contact by clicking the 'report photo' button below the image in question,with a short message explaining why you believe the image to be subject to copyright.


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